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Mice are elusive and the only time you will usually see one will be a brief glimpse of a tiny rodent scurrying across the room when you turn on the lights. Mice living indoors tend to group together, so if you see one it is safe to assume that there are more hidden away within the voids of walls, crawlspaces, basement and cabinets.

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Rodents a problem? They chew through walls and pipes and can start fires by gnawing on wires. Rodents contaminate food and food prep areas with their urine, feces and saliva. With contamination comes illness such as dysentery, salmonella and hantavirus.
You can feel confident calling our top-rated pest control company about rodent removal, prevention or control, or other pest or wildlife service. House mice are one of the most well-known rodents and are easy to identify. They are small, slender rodents, grey or brown in color, and range from 5 to 8 inches in length (including the tail). A typical house mouse weighs less than an ounce. They are one of the most troublesome rodents and cause problems for home and business owners alike. Mice are prolific breeders. Over the course of a year, a single female is capable of having 5-10 litters of 5-6 young per litter. This means that 2 mice can easily turn into 60 in less than a year.

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We have both the knowledge and tools to get rid of your mouse problem no matter how simple or complex. Every one of our courteous, professional staff members is trained in mouse removal, control, and remediation techniques as well as how to identify a mouse infestation and prevent future damage to your home.

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